Robert L. Ford, Licensed Funeral Director

Our roots extend back to 1860, when our founder Robert L. Ford’s great-grandfather, George C. Ford opened a mortuary in Elizabeth. It was one of the very first funeral homes in the area.

Robert was born in Elizabeth and grew up in Union, NJ. After serving honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, he completed his internship in funeral service and graduated from McAllister School of Embalming in New York City in 1949. He realized his dream of continuing his family’s tradition in funeral service in 1958, when he opened the doors of Robert L. Ford Funeral Home, Inc. on Route 31 in Flemington. It was the first time in Hunterdon County a building had been built from the ground up for the purpose of becoming a funeral home.

In 2013, to further the funeral home’s ability to grow, expand, and better serve families in Hunterdon County, Robert’s son, Robert “Bob” Ford, sold the funeral home to our current owner, Daniel James “D.J.” Wright in 2013. Bob still remains a part of our caring team. We work together to continue the legacy of excellent, family-focused service that began so long ago.

The thought behind our logo…

Our logo was the result of much time and thought about how our firm would become to be known.

  • The hills represent the agricultural history of Hunterdon and the surrounding counties.
  • The intersecting paths represent the various roads we all travel which cross paths and unite us as one community; no matter one’s race, creed, gender, sexual or religious identity, we are all human.
  • The sunrise or sunset, depending on one’s interpretation, can mean many things: to us, it is the beginning of a new day filled with renewed hope and a zest for Life.
  • Finally the tree is a symbol synonymous with strength, longevity and resilience.

The combination of the above is a graphic representation of our motto of “Traditional Values, Modern Concepts, Golden Rule Service” in the service above self which we provide to all those whom we are privileged to serve.