Ramon Hugh “Grandpa Ray” Hulsey

October 9, 1931 - May 10, 2020
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Ramon Hugh “Grandpa Ray” Hulsey, age 88 years, of East Amwell Township, NJ, died on Sunday, May 10, 2020 at his home. A complete life legacy will be forthcoming. ***Due to the inability to have a public ceremony at this time, and knowing how vital the love of family, friends, and the community is whenContinue Reading

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Patricia scaletti left a message on June 18, 2020:
Uncle Ray you will be truly missed. You have been a part of DDANJ ever since I could remember. Wednesdays were known as "Wenesday Ray" that's the day Jim could count on you to be at the office and help with computer stuff.
Vincent Seavers left a message on June 7, 2020:
RIP Uncle Ray. Sorry for your loss. Prayers to the family.
Justine toro left a message on June 4, 2020:
Deepest sympathy. May you Rest In Peace!
Jake D left a message on June 4, 2020:
Uncle Ray was a great man who always had a smile on his face every time I saw him. He was the one who introduced my father to my mother. I am so thankful for that. May you be at peace in Gods everlasting paradise. - The Dixon
Michele McPherson left a message on June 1, 2020:
Uncle Ray, Glad that you are finally at peace. You will truly be Missed. Love always Michele McPherson and family ?
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Carol Norman left a message on June 1, 2020:
My sincere condolences to the entire family. May God’s blessings continue to give you peace and strength now and forever. God bless❤️ Love, Carol Norman
Tara Villaret left a message on June 1, 2020:
In memory of Ramon Hugh "Grandpa Ray" Hulsey, Tara Villaret lit a candle
Stephanie left a message on June 1, 2020:
I don’t even know where to begin on how hard the loss of Guncle Rays is. To me as a little girl he was a larger than life always quick with a joke kind of guy! I always wanted to hear my favorite joke from him, it was the one about the drowning scuba diver. He was always ready to tell that to me because he knew I was going to ask. Whether it was playing and running with his dogs on my front lawn, eating pancakes on Fat Tuesday, learning how to use chop sticks when eating Chinese food, celebrating the trio birthday of Chuck, Mittens & Me. (Dad has his own cake and celebration back then) now the trio is Chuck, Dad & Me or the fun at Laela’s birthday parties (Lae always loved the toy he got her). I’ll never forget the Christmas he brought us the Ray Stevens VHS tapes. We watched them and laughed for hours that day and for years after that. In Disney 1986 he took us driving in the golf carts at the Tree Houses, I give him credit letting a 3 year old drive it but we didn’t crash and believe it or not it’s a memory I actually remember. His favorite story to tell me is when I went crying to him in Epcot because I let Elizabeth take a lick of my ice cream and she ate the whole thing. He thought it was the funniest story and did all the motions while telling me even all these years later. I also remember almost dropping my good n plenty when we were running ahead of everyone else trying to beat them back to the treehouse (we did!) As I got older Guncle Ray was always by our side, birthdays (I still remember my very first Ulysses!) graduations, any Saturday and holidays he usually always came with guests that would fill our house with laughter and stories that will live on forever. Chuck even did a round of being Santa Claus! When I would go to the office with dad, I would go on the computer with Guncle Ray and print out these long banners and color them all day long. Then I got older and when I started working there I would look forward to our Jose Tejas Wednesday’s. (Back then there was never a debate on where we were going) As the years went by there began to be larger and larger groups of people on Wednesdays, which made lunch longer and longer and Guncle Ray started to always be in a rush so we started experimenting on quicker restaurants. He knew if I was going the Olive Garden was out of the running and that would always make him chuckle. When he couldn’t make the trip to our wedding I asked Disney how can someone who can’t make the trip see it? They thought about it and later told me they can stream it live for me. I immediately called Guncle Ray and told him he can be right there with us through the computer! It also worked out for many other people who couldn’t make the trip but if it weren’t for him that never would have come up. When Joey entered my life, Guncle Ray welcomed him with open arms and they would talk cars and computers for hours. He came to see Joey in the hospital which meant the world to him. Joey will miss the lunches at Jose Tejas with him. Guncle Ray taught me so much about computers and programming and life. He lived an extraordinary life and I will miss his stories about Texas, his parents & family, the war, the college & DDANJ. I always told him how much I loved him and he would always respond I love you too Sugar Pie. I will forever hold the special bond we had close to my heart and cherish the 37 years I had with him. No one will ever take his place in my broken heart right now but I’ll see him again and give him the biggest hug and kiss! We will Love & Miss you forever Guncle Ray!!!
Alison Horn left a message on May 18, 2020:
What a wonderful man. I always looked forward to spending time conversing with him whenever I was at the Miles home. He was always so interesting and interested in what the other person had to say. A rare quality! A good cook too!
Travis Miles left a message on May 14, 2020:
R.I.P Grandpa- Right now I am sitting on a rock staring out into the Back Sea, a place till this morning I never even knew existed, and yet right at this moment, I have never felt so close to you while being across the world. When I found out when I woke up that you passed away, I broke. I broke in so many different ways. Your gone and that broke me. But what really broke me was that, I know you never wanted to live the way that you were at the end, you talked to me about it years ago. But for some reason part of me is happy because I know you are in a better place. I haven’t seen you in a couple of months, but the last thing I remember about you, is how happy you were sitting across from me at IHOP. Little did I know that was going to be the last in person conversation that we would ever have. You were my rock, you raised me as if I was your own grandson. You taught me that family has nothing to do with blood, it is who you chose to spend your life with. One of my first memories I have of you is when you were selling your house in NY, because you were coming to live with us, your family. I remember waking up at 4 am every morning and coming into your bedroom and you would drop what you were doing and put cartoons on and sit there with me and watch. I remember coming in and asking you to play with my Tomas the tank engine set and you always said yes. I remember going to wawa with you every morning before my parents were even up and going and getting us breakfast. I remember the day at Shoprite that I lost you, and I did exactly what you told me to do, stand there and yell grandpa as loud as I can, and you found me. I remember all of the train rides you took me on. I remember all of the plays we went to together. I remember you always trying to convince me to be in the plays and I never wanted to not cus I was scared, but because I didn’t want to wear a costume. I remember all the Sunday morning where we would go to DD at 6 am when it opened, and sit there for an hour just because Shoprite didn’t open till 7. I remember every Wednesday during summer brakes, I would go to the office with you. But the one thing I remember the most and the thing I will always hold on to, is how much you loved me. You always went out of your way to make sure I was happy. You always made sure I always got what I wanted, most of the time. You did things, that at the time I didn’t realize, that would shape me into the person I am today. The past 2 years I have lived across the world from you. I have missed so much time that I could have been spending with you. But I know you were happy for me, I know you were excited that I was getting to see the world. I am across the world and their is no doubt in my mind that every single thing you did with me and taught me is why I am sitting here today. You were and still are the greatest man I have every known right along side dad. I know your up their with Zilpo and all the others you had before him. Do me a favor, find Syn, she will be able to take care of you till we meet again . I love you Grandpa. Till we meet again
Linda A Miles left a message on May 14, 2020:
There was much I admired about this man who became my family through love. This is my favorite story about Ray that he told me himself. It felt like an affectionate message from beyond from him when I found this button in his desk this morning On August 28th 1963 this young man was sitting in his apartment in Manhattan watching the March on Washington on television. He became so inspired by the cause and the speakers that he jumped on a train to Washington DC and joined the March. He said it did not matter that he could not see or hear Martain Luther King when he delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech. What mattered was that he showed up. This was a man who showed up for his values and those he loved, in big and small ways, all of his life. Rest in Peace.
leroy jones left a message on May 13, 2020:
Ray you always knew that you were my favorite cousin and will miss talking to you. I remember the times I would over to your house on Piedmont and Westfall during both very hot day and cold days. I remember how you and brother Bubba lived in the garage apt. that Uncle Eddy built for the both of you and on freezing days how ice would built up on the inside of the windows. Will miss you cousin.
Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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