At Wright & Ford, we believe in complete transparency regarding the costs of a funeral and associated services. We are proud to offer a new and innovative way to confidentially plan and see the costs associated with a funeral from the privacy of your own home.

We encourage you to contact us with questions at 908.782.3311 at any time if you have questions or need additional information.

In comparing costs, it is important to understand EVERYTHING involved, hence why we encourage you to talk with one of our professionals at any time.

This new tool also helps you to gather your thoughts about what you would like services to look like for either yourself or someone you are planning for. No one ever regrets ‘pre-planning’ and having “The Talk of a Lifetime.”

In this new type of pricing, we make certain that you are only being charged for the services we are providing. In fact, we have eliminated the “basic service fee” which most funeral homes charge that is usually over $2,000.00 just to start. It serves as a “catch all fee” which we happen to not believe in. Also, our fee for direct cremations is well under most other local area firms. We can offer these cost savings, due to our direct care of you and your family at all times. These cost savings do not result in less care. Actually, we are confident that we provide an unmatched level of selfless service and invite comparison on all levels.

The pricing still conforms to all Federal and State laws, however we feel it is a much more “common-sense” way of thinking in funeral service: we are compensated for only those services that we perform, based upon your authorization.

We are proud of the level of service we provide, and we feel that posting our costs online can only benefit those we serve. Again, transparency and effective communication is key.

It is important to consider all services being provided and that your expectations will be met when comparing costs.  We will always provide a comprehensive written quote to ensure all costs match and there are no surprises. For a complete list of all service offerings, download our General Price List.

The tool is very useful in pricing funeral arrangements. Note that you will be taken to another Wright & Ford website.

Pricing Tool