After a loss, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a funeral or memorial service. In fact, some families find it so daunting they want to forego the funeral entirely.

However, our care team here at Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services knows that celebrating the life of a loved one is an extremely important part of the healing process. There is no substitute for the closure that a well-planned funeral can bring, as it helps those who are grieving say goodbye. We are honored to support New Jersey families and beyond, and we want to share some of the many reasons why funerals are so important:

Accepting A New Reality

Attending a funeral service can help us accept the reality that a loved one has died. Our hearts and minds tend to rebel against the sadness of the loss at first because it’s difficult to accept when someone is gone. With a funeral service, we’re given a chance to confront reality and begin to work through our grief.

Meaningful Remembrance

Many funeral services are focused on remembering the loved one who died, whether through readings, songs, eulogies, or tribute videos. By sharing stories and recalling fond memories alongside friends and family, we can shift our thinking. Rather than focusing on their absence, we can honor a loved one and celebrate the time spent together.

Tangible Support

Without a funeral service, friends may think that the family wants to grieve in private and keep their distance as a result. A funeral service with a visitation offers an opportunity for mourners to receive care and support. The presence of friends and family serves as an important reminder that you do not have to walk through your grief alone. Shared grief is often easier to manage.

Avenue for Expression

A funeral service is a public, yet safe place to express emotions, whether through talking, crying, or just sitting next to a caring friend. When we are unable to express our emotions, those feelings can become overwhelming. It is important to process grief alongside other people, even if you feel like isolating yourself.

A New Beginning

A funeral can help us find a new self-identity, as it marks a public acknowledgment of the change brought about by a death. At an end-of-life celebration, people can reconnect with who — and what — is most meaningful to them and even be reminded of how they want to live. A funeral service offers continuity and hope to the living, even while trying to understand grief and mourning.

Although the benefits of holding a funeral service are many, we know that it can still be overwhelming at times. We want to help. Our caring staff is here to make the process as simple as possible for you and address any concerns you may have – get started today by contacting us or filling out our online planning form. Because we understand how crucial a funeral is in the grieving process, we strive to create meaningful, healing experiences for each New Jersey family and beyond we serve. We are here to answer your questions and support you however you may need.