3 Preplanning Mistakes to Avoid  

Time and time again, we hear from families in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas who’ve had this experience: After attending a funeral for a loved one, they decide it would be a good idea to express their preferences for their own funeral. After… Read More

How do I Choose a Funeral Home?

Selecting a funeral home isn’t something many New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania families think about – until a need arises. Our caring team at Wright and Ford understands that choosing a funeral home is a significant decision to make during an already difficult time. We’re here to help our neighbors in … Read More

Personalization: Show What Made Your Loved One Special

At Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services , we believe every life in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania represents a unique story. When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their own story… Read More

“Mommy, when is Grandma coming back?”— Explaining Death to Children

Knowing what to say to children when a loved one dies can be a challenge. Many  New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania families have approached our team at Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services over the years wondering about the “best” ways to handle… Read More

Creative Ways to Display Your Family Heirlooms

Throughout our lives, we collect quite a few possessions: furniture, clothing, knickknacks, books, and more. When a family member dies, they leave their belongings behind along with the question, “What should you do with all of this stuff?” It’s no surprise this is a highly sensitive issue, as these… Read More

My Loved One Said, “No Funeral.” What Should I Do?

This is an issue we hear about time and time again at Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services­­­­: What should I do when my loved one made it clear he or she does not want a funeral or memorial service? What your loved one… Read More

When You Don’t Know What to Say at a Visitation

We’ve talked to countless people in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania  over the years who have a story like this one: My elderly neighbor died last week and I read in her online obituary that there’s a visitation, funeral, and reception this weekend. I cared… Read More

To Post or Not to Post After a Loved One’s Death

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to navigate the unwritten rules of social media. And when it comes to sharing news about the death of a loved one, these waters become extra murky. Should you post about the death? If so, when? What details are appropriate… Read More

How to Know You’ve Chosen the Right Funeral Home

Talk to anyone who has lost a loved one recently and they’ll likely mention how and why they selected a particular funeral home. Maybe their friend or family member put their own arrangements in place ahead of time, including their preference of funeral home. Maybe generations of family… Read More

How Grief Rituals Help on Valentine’s Day

Since the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day has been defined as a day specifically for love and affection. At Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we hear from families in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania who say it’s  a tough holiday to face when you’ve… Read More