The Benefits Of Building A Bucket List

When people hear the words “bucket list” they might first think of the 2007 film starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson. Some people might also associate a bucket list with death or people of a certain age. Putting together a bucket list can be helpful at any age. Our dedicated … Read More

Personal Touches that Make Your Funeral Unforgettable

At Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home, we realize that each of our neighbors in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania want their loved one’s funeral to be an unforgettable experience. Adding personal touches to a funeral ensures your loved one’s celebration is both memorable and meaningful. Highlight the five senses. Read More

Is Cremation Right for You? Take our Quiz to Find Out!

Life is full of decisions big and small. There are decisions to make in the moment, like how to spend free time, what to eat for dinner, and whether to sample the candy you purchased for trick-or-treat. Then there are decisions that require time and consideration, like whether to change… Read More

How To Offer Support from a Distance

Imagine this situation: Your friend just lost a loved one. You want to do everything you can to offer support, but you live halfway across the country. How can you help when you’re so far away?   It’s likely that many of us may have faced this situation over… Read More

The Difference Family Ownership Makes

When the time comes that someone you love dies, you want to be certain the funeral home you choose cares enough about you to do all it takes to understand what is important to your family. Some funeral service providers here in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties are owned by… Read More

Celebrating Valentine’s After Losing Your Partner

Holidays often trigger intense emotions in the hearts of those who have lost someone special. Valentine’s Day is no exception, especially for Hunterdon and Somerset County families who have experienced the death of a spouse or romantic partner. Whether the romance lasted 5 years or 50, this day can… Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Preplan your Funeral 

You might be surprised how many strong opinions you have about your own funeral, memorial service, and final resting place. Our Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services staff has found this to be true for most people from Hunterdon and Somerset Counties… Read More

Can I Wear Color to a Funeral And Other Funeral Etiquette Questions

At Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we have heard many questions from the Hunterdon and Somerset County communities about what is appropriate to wear and say at a funeral. Everyone is different, and each person’s life can be celebrated in a unique manner. It’s a… Read More

Surviving the Winter Blues

Even living in the beautiful state of New Jersey, the winter months can get a little hard and maybe even depressing, as the days get shorter and the temperature dips. This can be even more true if you’ve recently lost a loved one.   But it is important to try… Read More

What Family Ownership Means For You

Since Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services opened our doors over 100 years ago, the Ford family and our entire team have been committed to serving the families of Hunterdon and Somerset County during some of their most difficult moments. It’s not just a job… Read More